Dec 11, 2017 · The Velo Orange Pass Hunter Disc is a steel frameset that is designed for all-day riding on mixed terrain, and throughout the last 10 months — during which time it has been turned to all sorts of

Aug 12, 2015 · A few months back, I build a new bicycle around the Velo Orange "Pass Hunter" frame.Its intriguing name is inspired by the the sport of chasing passes, and its seat tube decal an hommage to the logo of its 'governing body': Welcome to Velo Orange. We specialize in classic and vintage inspired frames, components, and accessories for bicycle touring, commuting, and randonneuring. Use the coupon code 150SHIP to get FREE SHIPPING on domestic, retail orders over $150! Mar 06, 2007 · That sounds like a Pass Hunter to me. It seems like "Pass Hunting" is what most of us do anyway when we go out for a Proper Ride. I don't take many long, endurance tests or overnight brevet-style rides. I like to go out for 60 miles, find the fun route, go fast, test my legs, have fun, eat and have a blast. Super strong and highly polished stainless steel bicycle racks for touring, commuting, and randonneuring. Available for front or rear bags to fit any bike. May 06, 2020 · The updated Velo Orange Pass Hunter is aimed at sports tourers and randonneurs, or roadies that just want bigger, fatter tires. And maybe some options should they decide to explore more. Check that out, and their very sleek Polyvalent step-thru city bike, Flat Pack fork rack, and more below, right after their Remote Otter video submission! Pass Hunter Build List - Sportif with SRAM The Sportif is a type of road bike that has just enough utility to make it a pleasant all-day rider. The handlebars are at a comfortable height, the gearing is wide for good climbing, and there is a bit of luggage capacity for a pair of small panniers or a bundle secured to the rear rack.

Velo Orange Handlebar Cage Bracket Velo Orange Pass Hunter Front Canti Rack: Polished Stainless Steel Velo Orange Grand Cru Cartridge Bottom Bracket 68 x 107mm French 35x1 Velo Orange Grand Cru MKII 27.2x300mm Seatpost Silver 30.2mm Setback Velo Orange 700c Zeppelin Fender Set: Polished Silver~ 52mm Velo Orange Grand Cru Cartridge Bottom Bracket 68 x 110mm 1.37x24 Velo Orange PBP Rim Polished

Velo Orange's newest frames really have it all figured out and the Pass Hunter disc framesets are no exception. Disc brakes, braze-ons, clearances, all with a classy 1 1/8" threadless steel fork. Head over to Velo Orange to see more details and ordering.

The Pass Hunter is the speediest of Velo Orange's offerings and is designed for light-packing adventures over mountain passes, Sport Touring, and even the weekend club ride! While this may look like a traditional randonneur, don't let that elegant Cool Blue and nostalgic 80's Burgundy paint and metallic logos fool you.

Jun 17, 2020 · Velo Orange has really put something special together with its Pass Hunter frame, it would be well suited built as an endurance road bike or for touring. The Pass Hunter is the speediest of our… Mar 05, 2006 · The only rule is that the pass must be marked by a sign or on a map. Do 100 and you get a pin or certificate or something. In any case, it turns out that we have a pass just outside of town. Only 99 more to go. And yes, that sign does say "Elev. 141 ft" I think I'll head over to theShenandoah Mountains in a few weeks and try a pass or two.