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It is always recommended to assign a static IP address to a Linux system because static ip address will be persistent across the reboots. Recently canonical has released its stable operating system “Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)” for both desktop and servers.In this article we will demonstrate how to assign a static ip address on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server and desktop. How to Find IP Address in Linux Command Line Mar 31, 2019 Einrichtung einer statischen IP-Adresse unter Linux Aug 20, 2013 11 ip Command Examples For Linux - RootUsers

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Mar 26, 2013 How To Use Angry IP Scanner To Scan An IP Address On Linux Aug 26, 2018 Use VMware tools to change guest ip |VMware Communities Feb 18, 2016 networking - Assigning static IP address using nmcli So I'm trying to give a VM a static IP address, this case has been particularly stubborn. The VM is running on a ESXi cluster with its own public IP range. I had it (sorta) working with an IPv4 address, except it would be reassigned every boot, now after fiddling with nmcli I can't get any IPv4 address assigned to it.