SpiderOak ONE is a super-secure online backup provider with a host of features more common to cloud storage, including file sync and sharing. Pricing is a bit high, though, and there are some

SpiderOak is a great service with fantastic features (private key encryption, unlimited backup, folder syncing) but their iOS apps are pretty pathetic. They're incredibly slow, they expose hidden folders which confuses users, they don't have search, and they're ugly to boot. These apps seem like afterthoughts, a way to check a feature checkbox. Feb 02, 2018 · SpiderOak ONE is your confidential cloud for secure, reliable backup. Protect your most important files from ransomware and data loss. The SpiderOakONE iPhone® application lets you: › Access any of your files that have been backed up on your computer (s) Below the SpiderOak Hive entry in the the Menu Sheet is a list of devices registered for your account. The device entries include the respective logos of the device's operating system. Tapping then entry for a device closes the menu sheet and places you in a view of the files and folders at the device's top level. Our mobile apps are read only, meaning you can view files but not upload or sync files from your phone or tablet. Because they are not full-featured apps, they can not be added as devices on your account. To upload files, use the SpiderOak One or Groups application on any of your Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

SpiderOak ONE has four premium plans. The 150GB plan costs $5 per month or $59 for the year. The 400GB plan is $9 per month or $99 a year. The third plan has the best value because it offers 2TB

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May 07, 2013 · A new Dropbox-style sync service from SpiderOak called Hive is part of the SpiderOak 5.0 desktop client for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Hive creates a folder on your desktop that you can quickly drag SpiderOak ONE, meanwhile, while reasonably priced for an online backup service, won’t make you high five your accountant. 1TB of backup costs around $120 per year.The cheapest plan, which is $60 SpiderOak is a US-based collaboration tool, online backup and file hosting service that allows users to access, synchronize and share data using a cloud-based server, offered by a company of the same name. Its first offering, its online backup service later branded "SpiderOak ONE", launched in December 2007. SpiderOak can sync more faster if you exclude *.tmp, *.log, desktop.ini and other useless files. So if you need syncronize not huge amount of data SpiderOak is excelent solution, otherwise I reccomend SugarSync. It allows to use 5 gb for free from the box. By default SpiderOak allows to use 2 Gb of free space.