Sep 13, 2010

How To Create or remove a static route Sep 13, 2010 How to Add a Static TCP/IP Route to the Windows Routing Table Jul 03, 2017 Route | Microsoft Docs change: Modifies an existing route. delete: Deletes a route or routes. print: Prints a route or routes. Specifies the network destination of the route. The destination can be an IP network address (where the host bits of the network address are set to 0), an IP address for a host route, or for the default route. mask

Here is a cmd-script that extracts the static routes from the registry, and issues route delete commands for each of them. This method removes them both from the stored list of persistent routes, and from the currently active routes. Windows static routes w/o specifying gateway (next hop) 4.

ROUTE.exe. Manipulate network routing tables. Route packets of network traffic from one subnet to another by modifying the route table. Delete a route: ROUTE [-f] DELETE want to reach. -p Create a persistent route - survives system reboots. (not supported in Windows 95) subnet_mask_value The subnet mask value for this route entry. This Default Gateway Route Does Not Appear in the Routing Table

Add or remove persistent (static) routes in Microsoft Windows.

Apr 12, 2011