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Jan 26, 2015 · Then, again from Settings > Wi-Fi, select your connection from the 'Available Networks' list. Make sure "Connect automatically" is checked and click on Connect. Enter your connection password. Answer 'Yes' to the next question about finding PC's and other devices on your network. This will set your network connection to Private. He has Microsoft 2003 Server and all of the networking has been set up. He has about 6 PCs connected to the server and several NetGear routers with a Linksys port switch. He wants to go wireless. Jun 12, 2018 · Using the network flyout in the Taskbar is the most straightforward way to connect to a new Wi-Fi network. Here's how: Click on the wireless icon in the bottom-right corner of the taskbar. Private WiFi also compresses data whenever you are connected to a mobile network, which saves you money on your data plan. Finally, Private WiFi allows you to block obtrusive ads and popups which makes your surfing experience faster, and blocks tracking cookies, so advertisers can’t track the websites you access. How to hack your own Wi-Fi network Free (or almost free) Wi-Fi penetration testing tools can help you spot potential Wi-Fi security vulnerabilities and figure out ways to protect against them. Apr 18, 2017 · In the new version of the OS, you can now add new networks without first having to connect. In this guide, you’ll learn the easy steps to manually add a new wireless network on the Windows 10 Creators Update. How to add a new network on Windows 10. Open Settings. Click on Network & internet. Click on Wi-Fi.

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Private Wi-Fi is a smartphone application that provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Wi-Fi Alerts to smartphone users who connect to an unencrypted Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi Alerts notifies you whenever a Wi-Fi network you join appears to be risky or possibly under attack. Oct 24, 2019 · From the list of Network connections, choose the appropriate connection, such as wireless (if you are using WiFi) or ethernet. If switching to a private network, turn on the Find devices and content which you will want to be turned OFF for a public network and ON for a private network. For Windows 8 follow these instructions: May 24, 2020 · Your Wi-Fi network should now be set to “Private”.security. I hope this helps Kellie. Good luck! Update from Kellie: Thanks a lot, Rick. That helped a lot. You’re right about the difference between Public and Private networks being counter-intuitive. I would have thought that a Private network would be more secure than a Public one.