Select the virtual machine and select VM> Settings. On the Hardwaretab, select Network Adapter. Select Customand select the custom host-only network from the drop-down menu. (Optional) To run the router software on a virtual machine, set up a third virtual machine that has connections to …

Create a Virtual Machine. In Hyper-V manager, create a new virtual machine with these settings. Give it about 64-128mb of RAM. Don’t connect it to a network. Give it a 1GB harddrive, which is enough and won’t give you a warning later on. Don’t install a operating system, and click Finish. Now open Settings for your newly created virtual virtualization - Running router as virtual machine, can it RouterOS supports virtualization through KVM, but RouterOS itself only supports 2GB of memory ( and wont support more in near future). sipXecs needs allot more than 2GB. I told them that we could solve this problem by putting RouterOS as virtual machine to 64bit hostOS ( e.g. CentOS), and other virtual machine would run sipXecs. VirtualBox Network Settings: All You Need to Know Jul 16, 2019

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