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International Traditional Karate Federation The XVII ITKF World Traditional Karate Championship in Cairo, Egypt, was a tremendous success in marking the historic return of Traditional Karate to the Arabian and North African region. Sanctioned by ITKF and hosted by the Egyptian Traditional Karate Federation, this highly successful event Organization - International Jiu-Jitsu Alliance International Jiu-Jitsu Alliance Representative (Ohio, USA) Master Herzog is the Founder of Budokai Judo & Jiu-Jitsu. He is a World Judo Champion, he holds the ranks of 7th Dan Black Belt in Judo, and 8th Dan Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Taekwondo - United Martial Arts®

International Sport Karate Alliance 3 Event(s) United Martial Arts Referees Association 3 Event(s) Sport Karate International 2 Event(s) The Dojo Organization 2 Event(s) S.M.A.R.T. Family League 2 Event(s) Professional Karate Commission 1 Event(s) Amateur Athletic Union 1 Event(s)

Alliance. J. Costa . Legends of Karate Do 2006-2016. USA Kumite Team 2013 Colombia. Tokyo 2020. USANKF. Anthony Costa 2011 Brasil. Ariel Torres. Jesus Costa 2 Place (Lima/Peru) Ahmed Calvo. Edgar Torres. Danny Cabello. Calendar 2019. Non League Event. The 19 Pan-American Shitoryu Festival September 18-20, 2020

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INTERNATIONAL KARATE ALLIANCE KYOKUSHINRYU - IKAK is an Organization which provides The strongest Karate Kyokushin. Also find the talent from you and will show to the world. Join with us now. karateka philippines | Karate Organization Philippines | Kyokushin International | Kyokushin Organization |Kyokushin Org|Karate Alliance| Kyokushin Alliance International Karate Alliance Created in 1993 the International Karate Alliance evolved into the International Martial Arts Alliance to better serve countries around the globe. Martial Arts Australia was created by the same team to focus on the local martial arts industry of Australia. Florida Sport Karate Do Alliance | Karate-Do Alliance WKF Florida Sport Karate Do Alliance 2019 Tournaments . Kobushi Cup February 22, 2020 Karate Tournament Miami. Kaizen Traditional Karate Championships March 28, 2020. CHAMPS CUP NATIONAL QUALIFIER April 25, 2020. Miami Open Karate Tournament November 14, 2020. Miami TAIKAI September 18 … INTERNATIONAL KARATE ALLIANCE KYOKUSHINRYU …